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Computer Studies ( 7010 ) Paper 1

O' level Computer Studies (7010) syllabus :
The most important thing that you would need in your O' level session is your Syllabus.
You must have your syllabus at all times so you would know that you are studying the right thing and not missing any important chapter.

The syllabus for Cambridge O' level Computer Studies ( 7010 ) is available for download from this link.
Click here to download.
This syllabus is for candidates appearing in exams in May/ June & Oct/ Nov 2012.

O' Level Computer Books:
After you have the syllabus you need to learn your coursework. For this you need a book to study.
Remember, there is no book in the world that covers the whole syllabus of a subject so you would have to rely on self study and on-line resources like this one to cover your syllabus.

I recommend studying from this book.

Information Systems for you.

( I got an A* in Computer with this book ) 

O' level Computer Notes.
Now After you have studied the whole book its time to move on to some notes.

These five booklets released by CIE provide comprehensive guidance for students and are designed according to syllabus. But this doesn't mean that the book has no value now. Only after you have studied the book you are capable of understanding this.
And moreover these are just revision notes so don't rely on them for your Cambridge exams !!!

You can download each of these from here.
1. Click here to download Booklet 1.
2. Click here to download Booklet 2.
3. Click here to download Booklet 3.
4. Click here to download Booklet 4.
5. Click here to download Booklet 5.

These are the answers to the question at the end of the booklets.
Click here to download Answer Sheet.

O' level Computer Past Papers.
After you have finished your coursework you need to practice to make your skills perfect. You need to practice the papers of at least 5 years to test your knowledge.

These are the links to download the past papers.

     Question Papers.

1. Click here to download May/June 2006 and here to download Oct/Nov 2006.
2. Click here to download May/June 2007 and here to download Oct/Nov 2007.
3. Click here to download May/June 2008 and here to download Oct/Nov 2008.
4. Click here to download May/June 2009 and here to download Oct/Nov 2009.
5. Click here to download May/June 2010 and here to download Oct/Nov 2010.

     Mark Scheme.

1. Click here to download May/June 2006 and here to download Oct/Nov 2006. 
2. Click here to download May/June 2007 and here to download Oct/Nov 2007. 
3. Click here to download May/June 2008 and here to download Oct/Nov 2008. 
4. Click here to download May/June 2009 and here to download Oct/Nov 2009. 
5. Click here to download May/June 2010 and here to download Oct/Nov 2010.