Hello Pakistanis,
To all those in the Pindi/Islamabad region, if you want to get tutored in any O/A levels subject.

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-Waqas Ali


GaMeR said...

wow...ur awesomee!!!

Anonymous said...

waqas man you are doing a great job mainly to those who are doing o level private,
i doing o level private and engaged with some problems which i like to mention so you can add those things into your blog too.
1. How to solve a o level CIE form.
2. A Complete solved answer sheet(from any subject just for a sample to show private students how to put your answers on the sheets by which way?etc.)

at the end i'm really great full if you do that because me and other private students are looking forward to find some guide lines


Anonymous said...

dude....ur the saint marian...!! and we hav yur computer project as wel..!!!! remembr me..i asked u once in the morning weeks ago " what the average grade in English students get" and u said "Many As and Alot of Cs..less Bs..!!!"

Waqas said...

Yeah I know who u are ...

Anonymous said...

hmm..well i sent u a request on fb too..and u accepted it..well can u tell me how does the chem 1/2 and phy atp normamlly go..?

Anonymous said...

plz publish notes about addmath...that wud be a great help! said...

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